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Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Listen to Sarai's podcast on Minnesota. Would this be a state you'd want to visit?
Click here to listen.


Anonymous Peyton :-) said...

Heyy Sarai! Great podcast! I love the music and every thing! I loved being able to sit and watch you do your podcast! It was soooo cool. Well, Great job again and I can't wait to do my podcast on friday!


7:28 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sarai you did great! I like how you described Minnesota's beauty. Also I found interesting that Minnesota grows so many crops. Minnesota sounds like a fantastic place to live. Well Sarai I guess that Minnesota is calling my name, because I'm already half way there.


8:17 AM

Anonymous jackie said...

Sarai you did a fabolous job!I loved when you talked about The Mall Of America."It was funny when you said"where you can shop at girls."
I also thought it was amazing that there is so many lakes!Wow!Great jod!


3:07 PM

Anonymous CARMEN said...

This is me, your sister CARMEN! I loved it, expesally the MUSIC!
Do they even have poles since they have so much lakes?
Love your sister, CARMEN!

3:21 PM

Anonymous meghan said...

Great jojob Sarai!!
You were Fabulash!!!:0 I would love to go to the Mall of Americaand go shopping!!! Your podcast was once again, Fabulash!!!

8:58 AM

Anonymous Mrs. Dlott said...

You made Minnesota sound like a place I might want to visit. I'm sure the prairies are a beautiful sight when the flowers are blooming. A place I certainly would want to go to is the Mall of America. I would love shopping there with its 545 stores. I could spend days shopping! I'm not sure about the roller coaster though. It must look strange to have a roller coaster in a mall.
Mrs. Dlott

9:14 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was very pleased with the quality of your writing for your podcast. I could visualize huge fields of flowers. The plains must be very beautiful this time of year. And 10,000 lakes! Minnesota sounds like a physically diverse and beautiful state. Thank you for sharing such terrific information.

Mrs. Cook

7:41 AM

Anonymous Sarai said...

I just was listening to my podcast and thought I was ok.
I just messed up on when I said'" crops do ador Minnesota's rich soil." The "do" was funny! I laughed at it.
Well, other than that I was pretty good.

5:34 PM

Anonymous margaret said...

i looooooooooooove your podcast! it' was fantastic. i loved the description. great job. maybe we should go visit minnesota together. great job!!!!!!!!


:-D i'm smiling because it was sooooogreat

8-) your cool

10:30 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sarai you did great.I like how you described the fields in minnesota and I never knew that people grow corn,green beans,wheat,and sugar beets.After what you said about the rich soil would I would want to grow tings there to.

From Max

8:08 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Sarai,
You did great! I loved learning all the interseting facts about Minnesota. I'll definetly try to convince my family and friends to visit Minnesota.


8:13 AM


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