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Friday, May 19, 2006


Listen to Meghan's podcast on Nevada. Would this be a state you'd want to visit?
Click here to listen.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just listened to my own podcast! I have to admitt... I was good!!!!!!It was a little wierd listening to myself!!!But it was pretty good!!!

7:58 AM

Anonymous Margaret I. said...

Terrrific job Meghan.I never knew Nevada had snow capped mountains.I could hear your voice very clearly.I also enjoyed the sound effects.The sounds matched the words you said.I've been to Las Vegas before so I know how wild and crazy it gets there.Once again awesome job Meghan.
See you in school.
your friend,

8:11 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice job Meghan I loved it!Ilearned a lot of facts that I didnt know about Nevada.I loved the music too. ~shannon

12:26 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice job Meghan I loved it!Ilearned a lot of facts that I didnt know about Nevada.I loved the music too. ~shannon

12:26 PM

Anonymous Sarai said...

You were great! I liked when you talked about being a movie star in Las Vagas. My parents went there.
Even though I sat next to you when you were deciding on what to say on your podcast, it amazed me on how you said it in words!
I loved the music!

12:42 PM

Anonymous Jackie said...

Great podcasting Meghan!I loved alot of things about yours.
One of them is i could really visualize when u said "Snow mountains towering over you.That
was a great visualation Meghan!
Another thing i like is that when you said "Feel like you want to party?Go to Las Vegas.You will feel as if you are a movie star walking through the flashing lights.But then you also made a whole different side saying, "Or if you want to have a relaxing day visit one of the high Plateau, grazing sheep and cattle roming around the flat lands."
I absaloutly loved you podcast.I am soo exited for mine even more!!!


Ps.I really liked when you said that they relli on the Hoover Dame for the water,Because of it's dry land in Nevada.That is a great and absaloutly important fact about Nevada.
Pss.I liked your music in the background.

7:42 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Meg,nice job! I learned many facts and now I want to go to Nevada! I'll have to concider going there for Christmas break.Once again, great job!!~Cassandra

7:57 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Meghan your podcast was a joy to listen to, i never got bored. I've never been to Nevada or Las Vegas, but after you described them both so beautifully i think i shall go. Meghan you spoke so clearly and i was very aengaged with your speech. Very well written and very well researched. Great job Meghan.

3:02 PM

Anonymous Mrs. Dlott said...

You did a wonderful job with your podcast. You included a lot of information and delivered it well. I have never been to Nevada, but I wouldn't mind feeling like a movie star in Las Vegas. I also would love to vacation in Lake Tahoe. I can only imagine how peaceful it would be to kayak there.
I loved how you made every place in Nevada sound so interesting. It's a trip I may have to take someday.
Mrs. Dlott

9:50 AM

Anonymous jenn said...

I did not know that there were other cool
places beside Las Vegas. People in
Nevada depend on the Hoover Damm. Meghan, is that the only place they get
their water from??? Nevada sounds like a
wicked fun place!
Your Friend,Jenn

8:36 AM

Anonymous Gina said...

You were awesome!! I would love to go to Nevada and see Las Vegas!!!! Great job!!

4:28 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your podcast was great,Meghan.I learned that the Snow Capped Mountains tower over you.I also learned that you can tan in one of Nevada's great desserts.Your podcast was very well written.
Hassan Y.

6:11 PM

Anonymous Daniel said...

That was really good.I like how you had a lot of description in the first sentence.I like how you mentioned that Nevada relies on the Hoover dam for water because of it's dry climate.I also liked how you mentioned the mountains I never knew there are mountans in Nevada.Another thing I liked was how you described the cool air.Those things really grabbed my attention.Again,GREAT job.

6:25 PM

Anonymous sarai and dave said...

I just showed Dave your podcast(the guy with the van) He liked it!
Sarai, Dave, and his van

8:14 PM

Anonymous Meghan's Dad said...

Great job on your podcast! You sure learned a lot about Nevada. I will think of "feeling like a movie star" everytime someone mentions Las Vegas to me.

Mr. K

5:34 PM

Anonymous Peyton :-) said...

Good job Meghan! Hey, Do you want to go and party in Nevada??? Hahahahahahaha. I love how you said how fun Nevada is! I got my dog at Lake Tahoe! Once again, Great job!


10:01 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wonderful work Meghan. I think I will go to Lake Tahoe. You made it sound almost magical. Las Vegas sounds excting but I don't trust myself gambling. Nevada has rich resources and so much to do. The temperature at night in the summer sounds perfect! Very thorough research Meghan!
Mrs. Cook

3:51 PM

Anonymous Rahel said...

Your podcast is the best that I
everhad heared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I
loved that you did not use to much descriptive language but enough decriptive language!!!!Because of your podcast I want to go to Nevada.

Rachel M

6:06 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Meghan,
I'm a friend of Mrs. Cook's. She told me about this wonderful project your class did. I chose to listen to your podcast because my husband and I are leaving tomorrow for Las Vegas. Your report was so informative! You did a really wonderful job!
Tammi Flynn

7:28 AM

Anonymous Kelly:)~ said...

Dear Meghan,
I loved your podcast! It was so awesome! I can't wait to go to Nevada with you!
Your friend,

4:39 PM

Anonymous Angie and Melissa said...

hello meghan,
this is angie and melissa we are so amazed by your podcast. You are sooo smart and we can't believe you are actually going into 5th grade. You have grown up sooo much and fast snce we have met you. Wow someday you could be a radio DJ. Soooo many great times!!!

Angie and Melissa

5:02 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

dear,meghan taht was a awsome podcast.i enjoied learnig about Nevada it was great i didn,t know that Nevada could be 49 degreasits was intrestling from colin

2:06 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow!Nevada seems like a fun place to g to Great job! sean and chris cooks

2:10 PM


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