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Friday, May 19, 2006


Listen to Hassan's podcast on Nebraska. Would this be a state you'd want to visit?
Click here to listen.


Anonymous Margaret I. said...

I totally loved your podcast Hassan.I thought it was cool that there is a lot of farming in Nebraska.Also I want to go to Nebrasks because of it's warm sunlight.Great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
See you in school.

your classmate,

8:04 AM

Anonymous Sarai said...

You were great! And I could imagine Lewis and Clark in the Plat River! You had a lot of discriptions!
I have never been to Nebraska before, but I can't wait 'till I go!

12:52 PM

Anonymous Jackie said...

I loved your podcast.It made me REALLY want to go there.I really thought you spoke very clearly and your i can tell your script was well writtend.I am so exited to do my podcast and think about....wow there is going to be alot of people that are going to see it and maybe they will actally get a plane ticket and fly there!Again you did a fabulous job!

7:20 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hassan, I think you did a wonderful job!I never knew all those interesting facts about your state!I think I'll just have to see Nebrasca for myself!
Your friend,

8:03 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great job Hassan!!
I could really picture Nebraska.It is so cool that most of Nebraska is farmland!! Your voice was so clear . I could here every word!!!!Great job!!

10:15 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your podcast was terrific! I loved how you streched some words and made them longer it kept me interested. I could really imagine Lewis and XClark traveling the Plat river. You did a Fantastic job, i could really visualize Nebraska. Well Hassan, i think that Nebraska is the place to be.
Great Job,


2:59 PM

Anonymous Mrs. Dlott said...

What a wonderful job you did with your podcast. I loved the way you connected Lewis and Clark with Nebraska. The descriptive language you used was great - "crystal clear blue waters". I think Nebraska would be an interesting place to visit with all its rich farmland. It sounds like a great place for farmers to live.
Your ending was very inviting too.
Mrs. Dlott

9:56 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am very interested in the information you provided us. What is the Center of Living Energy? I know I could use some extra energy this time of year. Should I go to Nebraska to get it? I agreed again with many of the comments you received including the connection to Lewis and Clark, and Seaman too, I hope. Thank you for sharing your research with us.
Mrs. Cook

3:44 PM

Anonymous Daniel said...

That was amazing.I like how you gave specific details.I think your podcast will help me with mine.

5:54 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You were great Hassan.I learned that Nebraska is a good place to get a manufacturing job.I also learned that they have great farm land.You made an awesome podcast,if I had to say so myself.
Hassan Y.

6:16 PM

Anonymous jenn said...

Super great job!!!!!!!! I learned a ton
about Nebraska!! They must have very
awsome climate,and westren Nebraska is
dry! Once again GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not afraid to do my podcast!
You're Friend,

8:30 AM

Anonymous â™¥Gaoyuan said...

I thought you put a lot of information in your podcast.You also included a lot of discribing words.Overall I give you a 10.

8:19 PM

Anonymous Brendan said...

Dear Hassan,
you had very good descriptive language.


8:49 PM

Anonymous Peyton :-) said...

Great Job Hassan! I loved your podcast! I am going to listen to it again and again! I like how you kept it short and clear. Great job!


10:07 AM

Anonymous Rachel said...

Iam speachless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The only thing that I can type
is YOU DID AMAZING JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rachel M

2:40 PM


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