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Friday, May 26, 2006


Listen to Nick's podcast on Alaska. Would this be a state you'd want to visit?
Click here to listen.


Anonymous Jackie said...

That was a great podcast.It was really fun working with you,me,and Mrs.Dlott.I think you spoke very clearly so i could understand you.
Great job,again!

7:27 AM

Anonymous Margaret I. said...

That was great podcast Nick!I thought it is amazing that one of the longest rivers in the continent is in Alaska.It is called the Uconn river.Also I never knew the tallest mountain in the United States(McCinley Mountain)is in Alaska.Nice job.
See you in school.

your classmate,

8:21 AM

Anonymous Meghan said...

Great job Nick!!!
Your podcast was awesome!!! It is so cool that in Alaska people get around by dogsled. I thought Alaska was just a cold,dark,empty place. But by listening to your podcast, Alaska sounds like a great state to visit! Once again, great job!!!

10:15 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alaska has so many of the biggest and longest things, it is surprising it has so few people. I guess you can have a lot of space to yourself in Alaska. I think I should start training for the Iditarod.It sounds like a unique event.
Mrs. Cook

3:57 PM

Anonymous Mrs. Dlott said...

You did a nice job presenting the information about your state. I had a chance to visit Alaska and I really enjoyed it. I visited Juneau by boat. I also had a chance to go by helicopter and walk on a glacier. Hearing your poldcast made me want to go back to Alaska and hike some of the trails on Mt. McKinley. I never had a chance to do that.
Mrs. Dlott

9:26 PM

Anonymous matt o. said...

Nice job Nick!!!!!

You put alot of effort in to your podcast.You told me about the physical features,economy,natural reasources,and the climate of Alaska.I learned that you should wear warm clothes and you can watch a snow dog race

10:55 AM

Anonymous Peyton :-) said...

Good job Nick. I never thought that is could get as low as -83' F. You did a very good job on your pod cast! It is weird that it is a very BIG state but doesn't have a lot of people! See you in school!


9:54 AM

Anonymous Sarai said...

Good job! I just thought Alaska was just some big, cold state, but I was so wrong.
I would love to ride on a dogsled! It sounds like so much fun!
I liked that you streched your words out.
yor classmate,

6:17 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You did great!!! I thought it was so interesting that Alaska's highest temp. was 120 degress. I also thought you spoke very clearly. I could understand every word. Before I heard your podcast I would've never wanted to go to Alaska. But after hearing about the Ukon River, the wildlike, I think I will go pack my snow suit.
Great Job! Emilee

7:55 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nick i thought that your pod cast was great. How did you get the music in the begging of it? Anyways it was a great pod cast.

9:27 AM

Anonymous rachel said...

I loved your podcast!!!!!!!Who knew that once Alaska had temp.at -180and 800deges.Alaska sounds like a very cool place to visit!!!!!!!

rachel m

2:01 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow Nick!
You completely convinced me to go and visit Alaska. I can't wait to ride on a dog sled, see reindeers, and go hiking.
Great job!
Ms. Gilrein

7:37 PM


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